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Fort Bragg
Fort Bragg Retail Business, 401 N Main St., Ste 206. Seashells by the Seashore
Seashells by the Seashore
Presenting the denizens of the sea. Appropriately named Low Tide, this unique business brings treasurers of the coast to the visitors and residents of the area. There are hundreds of seashore related items, many made of actual shell and ocean inhabitants. Inside are beautiful abalone shell earrings, necklaces, and other stunning jewelry items. Fun and colorful varieties of wall art provide a feast for the eyes while festive magnets dance at the slightest movement. There are glow-in-the-dark, glass jellyfish and bug-eyed blowfish. Post cards, shopping bags, nightlights, candles, soaps, and all things nautical abound. There are kid's toys and beach gear at the ready. Gleaming shells, holiday ornaments, and exclusive keepsakes are some of the shoppers' favorites. Patrons frequently exclaim about the affordability of the inventory and continually return for more exciting finds. The 360 sq. ft. space is located as a corner unit in a high traffic section of the mall. The Depot Museum and Mall is a prominent corner building in the central, main square of downtown Fort Bragg. All stock and inventory are included in the sale. Step into a successful, turnkey business.

MLS# 25562
Price: $82,000
Property Type: Retail Business
Address: 401 N Main St., Ste 206.

Sq.Ft.: 360


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