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The Mendocino Coast’s unduplicated and stunning geography along with its comfortable climate have been a lure for a remarkable type of migrant. For years, this amazing area has been transforming from its fishing and logging heritage to a more ‘standard of living’ oriented society.

Today the area offers residents a safe and unhurried lifestyle, while its distinctive businesses provide all of the necessities for this unique existence.
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Services Directory
County of Mendocino Fort Bragg  
Coastal Office Building/Planning Department 964-5379
Environmental Health 961-2714
Ukiah - County Seat Assessor's office 463-4311
Building/Planning Department 463-4281
Environmental Health 463-4466
City of Fort Bragg Planning Director 961-2828
Mendocino City Community Services 937-5751
Water and Sewer 961-2825
Engineering 961-2823
Village of Mendocino  
Community Services District 937-5790
Utilities Directory
Utilities Electricity/Telephone –  
Pacific Gas & Electric 800-743-5000
Telephone - AT&T (Business Office) 800-288-2020
Utilities Propane Gas –  
Kemgas Propane 964-4774
Suburban Propane 964-2406
Eel River Fuels, Inc. 964-2407
Amerigas Propane 961-0805
Internet Access Provider (local)  
Mendocino Community Network 937-1444
Exede/WildBlue 844-432-2761
Hughesnet 877-438-3758
Dish Network 866-722-7500
Direct TV 800-494-4388
Comcast Cable 800-266-2278
Utilities Fuel & Heating Oil  
Mendocino Coast Petroleum 964-2407
Walsh Oil 964-0122
Waste Management 964-9172
Solid Waste of Willits (Albion) 937-3918
Solid Waste of Willits (Westport) 964-9250

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